Scientific Areas

In the macro-scientific areas are elaborated and proposed the major themes that reflect the main responsibilities of the activities of EAFS, trying to systematize the contents to build pathways for professional growth with the maximum content specialization.

Area Coordinator Title Email
Bloodstain Pattern Interpretation
Computer and Network Forensics Losio, Luca Digital forensics examiner
Crime Scene Photography
Criminal Intelligence Stendardo, Amedeo Vitagliano Forensic Criminologist and Expert
Criminal Sociology
Environmental Psychology and Geographic Profiling
Forensic Accounting Savino, Mario Accountant and Forensic Expert
Forensic Anthropology and Odontology
- Forensic Bioarcheology and Human Osteology
- Forensic Paleopathology
- Forensic Taphonomy
Forensic Ballistics, Firearms and Explosives Identification
Forensic Biology and Chemistry
- Forensic Botany and Palynology
- Forensic Entomology
- Forensic Genetics
- Forensic Toxicology
- Forensic Trade Products Chemistry
- Forensic Zoology
Forensic Biometrics
- Face Recognition
- Fingerprint Identification
- Footprint and Shoeprint Pattern Evidence
- Images and Video Analysis
- Individual Ear's Geometry
- Iris Recognition
- Retina Recognition
- Speech and Audio Analysis
- Thermography
- 3D Hand Profile Identification
Forensic Engineering Mammoliti, Rocco
Forensic Geology
Forensic Handwriting Identification
Forensic and Legal Medicine
- Forensic Obstetricians and Gynecologists
- Forensic Pathology
- Forensic Radiology
- Forensic Suicidology
- Forensic Thanatology
- Forensic Traumatology
- Mechanical Asphyxia
Ceccarelli-Morolli, Maurizio Ph.D.
Forensic Neuropsychiatry
Forensic Psychology and Criminal Investigation Paolino, Eliana
Forensic Victimology
Industrial and Organizational Psychology
National, European Community and International Law Siviero, Marco Lawyer
Security Policies Di Nunno, Fabio Ph.D. Researcher
Veterinary Forensics