Amedeo Vitagliano Stendardo
He holds degrees in "Forensic Psychology", "Applied Criminology for Survey and Security" and "Sociology and Criminology Sciences for Security", he also obtained a Masters in “Criminology and Forensic Psychiatry" and the university training course in "International Law of Armed Conflict and peacekeeping operations outside area" with profit. Major (OF3) of Italian Army Reserve, he has an international experience in Europe, USA, and Middle East. Expert in Security & Threat Analysis, Criminal Analysis, Transnational Crime, Military Psychology, Strategic Communications in Defense, Social Engineering, Policy & Media Operations, Cyber Psychology, Cyber Physical Security, Cyber Terrorism, Public Affairs, he is a technical consultant in criminal, civil and juvenile proceedings. He is a member of the Italian Centre for Internet Security (Project Insafe). He has gained extensive training and working experience in Italy and abroad, He is a member of the European Society of Criminology, the Association “Giovanni Palatucci” and a foreign member of the American Society of Criminology. He is author or co-author of several publications and scientific articles.

Eliana Paolino
She holds a degree in “Psychology, she is registered at the Psychologists Register of Regione Lazio, n. 12376. She specialized in “Clinical Psychology”. She received a Masters in “Forensic Psychology” and the Specialization Course in "Family Psychotherapy". She is expert in Developmental and Adult psycho-diagnosis; she is a member of the Association L.A.I.A.M. - Learning Italian Association of Mental Analysis. Previously, she worked at the prison “Rebibbia”, in Rome.

Alessandra Aracri
He holds a degree in Economics, he holds a Masters in "Consulting". He has extensive experience in corporate advising, at private and public levels. He is Expert Business Consultant for university projects and e-government.

Fabio Di Nunno
He holds a degree in "International and Diplomatic Sciences”, he has also obtained a Masters in “European Political and Administrative Studies" at the College of Europe in Bruges and the training course in "Law and Organization of Parliamentary Function" and he is currently completing a Ph.D. in "Diplomatic History". He is an expert in History, Justice and Home Affairs in the European Union, Human Rights Education and Safety Policy. He cooperates with Trinity College London, Clue Academy London and various non-governmental organizations. He is an expert in project management and he is a trainer in human rights education in various projects for several municipalities. He is author or co-author of several publications including the book "Human Rights Education Program with Adults - Manual for educators inspired by the perspectives of Compass and other sources”.

Mario Savino
He holds a degree in “Economics”, he is registered with the Roll of Chartered Accountants of Naples, N. 56050. He has a long experience in economic consulting and tax revenue, at public and private level, the latter gained as auditor of various municipalities. He is an expert in reading of budgets and planning of economic and financial budgets. He provides corporate and forensic consulting in various fiscal and tax issues, using a team of legal experts. He is appointed by Chamber of Commerce of Naples for training courses for the profession of accountant.

Marco Siviero
He holds a degree in "Law" and is registered with the Bar of the Court of Naples. He holds a specialization degree in "Labour Law and Industrial Relations” and he successfully participated in a course of "Family Law". He participated in the "Program of Higher Education and Development for Legal Privacy Development Lab" at the Authority of Personal Data Protection. He is an expert in informatics and a member of the 'EOI - Europaischen Ombudsmann-Institut". In the past, he was legal head of "Monitoring Jobs" published in the newspaper "Roma" / "Il Giornale di Napoli" and the heading "Supreme Court" published in "La Stampa" / "Cronache di Napoli", in which he highlighted the new case law and doctrinal standards on labour and social security, with analysis and reflections on legal disputes and related trade union disputes. During his activities as volunteer in the protection of citizens' rights, he has often been awarded legal recognition for innovative interventions in the invasion of privacy.