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"May be part of AESF EAFS-AECF-EVFW-AESJ all natural and/or legal persons who possess the moral and ethical requirements and relevant to the achievement of institutional goals, share the spirit and ideals, accepting unconditionally the articles of the Statute and Rules of Procedure approved by the Board of Directors." (Article 3 of Statute).

To join you must first submit an application for admission to the Presidency of the Association, filling the template downloadable from this website. The application must be produced, in original or by e-mail with digital certified signature, to the Secretariat of AESF (

The documents to be sent are:

  • Application for membership [download here]
  • Curriculum Vitae et Studiorum
  • Possible documentation on the condition that allows the applicant to be able to make the price of facilitated admission (University certificate of registration, Certificate of service, etc.)

The AESF Secretariat will inform the applicant of the outcome of the resolution of the Board of Directors on the validity of membership, with discretion always applicable.

Upon admission, members must complete registration by paying, only by bank transfer on the account of the Association, the registration fee and the annual charge, both established by the Board of Directors, according to the following table:

Quotas for 2018 (January 1 - December 31)

  • Registration fee: 15 Euros
  • Founding members: 25 Euros
  • Ordinary members: 50 Euros
  • Supporting members: 40 Euros
  • Belonging to the Police and Military: 30 Euros
  • Enrolled in any affiliated institutions/associations: 30 Euros
  • University students: 25 Euros

The member must send to the Secretariat, by mail or e-mail, the membership form on the template downloadable from this website, in which it will be shown the AESF bank account details.

For annual renewals, after having paid only the annual fee established by the Board of Directors, the member must send to the Secretariat, by mail or e-mail, the membership form on the template downloadable from this website, which will display the details of the bank transfer on account of the Association.

All applications and documents submitted by minor applicants and members must be countersigned by the acting authority.

Please note that fees must be paid before February 28, 2010. Members who do not comply with the payment of the fees cannot participate in meetings of the Assembly or take part in the activities of the Association. They cannot vote and they cannot be elected to offices.

The persistent arrears in the payment of allowances for a period longer than 18 (eighteen) months implies the lost of the membership.