About us

The European Association of Forensic Sciences is a cultural non-governmental and non-profit organization, founded in 2009 with headquarters in Rome, whose members, in various ways, pursuing academic, scientific and professional knowledge on statistical analysis, etiology, consequences, prevention, control and treatment of crime and delinquency in its many and varied manifestations, are intended to promote research to improve knowledge of forensic science at European and international level.

Primarily, EAFS wants to help to improve the procedures for various criminal justice systems and to search for evidence of different and new crimes. Its activities, therefore, have theoretical significance, technical significance and practical application and implementation.

Our aims are to encourage the exchange, in a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary environment, between those engaged in research, teaching and practice in order to encourage even scholarships, and serve as a forum for the dissemination of forensic-science knowledge.

For this reason, EAFS intends to organise meetings and debates dedicated to the discussion of topics of general scientific interest.

Our members are students, professionals, European and international academics, who come from many fields of forensic science.

The Association is, in fact, specialized in various scientific areas, through which people will put in a position to increase their knowledge, successfully pursuing professional and academic goals of the "forensic".

EAFS will actively engage with professional scientific and forensic clubs worldwide, because the mutual exchange can serve to enrich not only the professional experiences of individual members who are involved, but especially to strengthen the field of forensic science as a whole.

The search for modern and futuristic forms of prevention and crime control requires more vigour, because it is important to ensure the stability of society and the protection of individuals in the entire world. In this research, the contribution of national, European and international organizations is particularly relevant and valuable.

To facilitate and promote dialogue and cultural sharing, in addition to several future national and international locations, EAFS is also equipped with this website, simple but practical, which publishes information on its community life, its relations with other associations and its related companies and valuable insights for advancing its scientific areas.

We encourage all interested persons to join us for these targets and become a member of the European Association of Forensic Sciences.