Forensic Sciences

Forensic sciences (often shortened to forensics) is the application of a broad spectrum of sciences to answer questions of interest to a legal system and include all those disciplines that may aid in the retrieval, storage and analysis of evidence of a crime.

So, the forensic scientist must be a technical expert in any field connected with the law, able to provide an analysis of the evidence and testimony on the results of its analysis, also offering technical support in the appropriate field in which is more specialized. In fact, with the progress of their career, forensic scientists often develop a area of expertise but they cannot leave a vast knowledge of all the forensic sciences, an element that must always be a prerequisite.

EASF - European Association of Forensic Sciences

Seeks to promote, organize and coordinate research projects, education and training initiatives of cultural or social significance in areas of scientific-forensics interest, with the aim of promoting the individual forensic sciences, their integration and interdisciplinarity from a theoretical, technical and practical points of view.


Welcome in the EAFS - European Association of Forensic Science website!

I am happy that through this new Association, of which I have the pleasure of being president, you can undertake or continue to compare and deepen your knowledge with us.

Surely, this website will give you the opportunity to share opinions, views and new experiences, both professionally and personally. At the same time, you will have the opportunity to participate in intercultural activities that will be organized by the Association to promote greater knowledge and deepening of forensic sciences.

“The Forensic Sciences” is, without doubt, an excellent link to continue to strengthen the idea of an interdisciplinary science at the service of justice.

In spite of its recent establishment, EAFS has already shown commitment and fervent intentions, thus drawing the attention of many scholars from different parts of Europe and the world.

Its peculiarity is to be created by a group of young professionals, educated in the best Italian universities and with experience abroad, passionate about the topic and with the desire to give themselves, and to all those who wish to share our purposes, the possibility to be protagonists of their own experiences, their ideas and their works.

I hope, therefore, to witness an ever wider membership of European Association of Forensic Sciences, so that its spirit of cultural exchange, free from any economic and political prejudice but rich in experiences, shows the interdisciplinary nature of forensic activities.

Amedeo Vitagliano Stendardo